Business Idea: Creative Designs of Wedding Photobooths

In the Philippines I am not sure if we have a group of people designing the photobooth like the ones in the pictures below.

Most of the weddings, events and parties that I have been to they are just using a standard photobooth. Actually its not a photobooth at all. It's more likely the ones you see on Oscars wherein a background is just white and you see the names of the couple. You don't have privacy on how to pose because there's a lot of people looking around you.

In the business world, you have to be creative and keep on improving so that you could still be competitive.

photo: pergola

photo: pergola

Business Idea: Open a Photobooth

If you are a techie guy/gal and love taking pictures, why not start your own photobooth.


Chocolate making utensils

Here are some of the kitchen utensils you need to make a chocolate. I think you should invest on these tools if you really want to make a chocolate business.

You can always start small and eventually you could have a Chocolate factory someday..

photo: fotobank

Chocolate Packaging

Of course if you are in a Chocolate Business, you need to think of a very unique Chocolate packaging. Remember, packaging is very important because it is the window of your product.

Here some of the packaging for your chocolate business:

photo: dieline

photo: hi-brand


photo: lionhug

Business Idea of the Week: Chocolate making and molding

photo: olx

In the Philippines, there are only a number of people in Chocolate making and molding business.

You could take a look at the different chocolate products of different shapes and sizes:

chocolate balls

Chocolate keys and utensils

source: teuscher

source: chocoholic

Beauty Salon Services

If you want to put up a beauty salon, do you know what would you offer to your clients and customer?

Here are some tips on what beauty salon offer to their clients:

1. Haircut

2. Hair treatments

source: be younique

3. Make-up service usually when there's a special occasion like wedding, debut, shows and etc.

source: adb 88

more make-ups:

4. Manicure


5. Pedicure

source: end duchene

6. footspa

photo: gumtree

7. brow threading

photo: candy

Beauty Salon Business in the Philippines

Here are some of the lists of Beauty salon in the Philippines:

1. Studio Fix Salon by Allan Carbonell

2. Toni and Guy

photo: modsalon

Beauty salon interior

Here's another one from Crystal Coast NC:

Here's another beauty salon somewhere in Windsor, UK:

source: windsor

How to start a beauty salon business

How do you start a beauty salon business? If you are a creative hairstylist and you want to take the next level by owning a salon then it is time to have one.

First, you have to know the cost of starting your own beauty salon.

Here are some of the tools that you need when you open your own salon business:

1.) Styling chairs

source: DIY trade

2. Backwash shampoo unit

3. Supplies such as scissors etc..

4.) stand hair steamer dryer

source: ecvv

5.) table reception

source: alibaba

6.) dresser table with mirror

source: okokchina