Spa paraphernalias

Do you want to open a spa business? Here are some of the things you need when you open a spa clinic.

source: mission bay

Business Idea of the Week: Open a spa and massage place

If you have the passion for massage and relaxation, then open a spa business

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Ice Cream Parlor

Ice cream parlor is such a hit especially every summer wherein kids are on vacation and the weather is too hot.

A good location to have an Ice cream parlor is on heavy foot traffic like malls. But it’s good if yours is roaming around different places like the park, cemetery, beach resort and the like.

Internet cafe

How would you like to have your internet cafe business look like this?

Wedding cakes

If you know how to bake and design cakes, it's time to start your business asap!

Food Trucks

Cool Haus in Los Angeles, California

Maximus/Minimus in Seattle, Washington

Cinnamon Snail in Hoboken, New Jersey

Frojol Bros. of Merlinda in Washington, DC

Giovanni's Aloha Shrimp in Haleiwa Oahu

Kelvin Natural Slush Co.

Kogi in Los Angeles, California

Sugar Philly Truck in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tabor Czech Food in Portland, Oregon

The Frysmith in Los Angeles, California

Source: Shine

Art cabinet

You can create different ideas from this children cabinet.

Haute Couture

Start having business.. Maybe if you are into fashion, try Haute Couture..