Things you need to open a photobooth

Not everyone are could pull a successful business. My advise is you think of a business in which you really want to do.

If you are planning to open up a photo booth, I suggest to look for the things that you need in setting up one:

A laptop or computer

photo: the knot

A Digital camera and the works

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Floor Lamp


Photo Glossy Paper

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A backdrop

Business Idea: Creative Designs of Wedding Photobooths

In the Philippines I am not sure if we have a group of people designing the photobooth like the ones in the pictures below.

Most of the weddings, events and parties that I have been to they are just using a standard photobooth. Actually its not a photobooth at all. It's more likely the ones you see on Oscars wherein a background is just white and you see the names of the couple. You don't have privacy on how to pose because there's a lot of people looking around you.

In the business world, you have to be creative and keep on improving so that you could still be competitive.

photo: pergola

photo: pergola

Business Idea: Open a Photobooth

If you are a techie guy/gal and love taking pictures, why not start your own photobooth.


Chocolate making utensils

Here are some of the kitchen utensils you need to make a chocolate. I think you should invest on these tools if you really want to make a chocolate business.

You can always start small and eventually you could have a Chocolate factory someday..

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Chocolate Packaging

Of course if you are in a Chocolate Business, you need to think of a very unique Chocolate packaging. Remember, packaging is very important because it is the window of your product.

Here some of the packaging for your chocolate business:

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photo: hi-brand


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Business Idea of the Week: Chocolate making and molding

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In the Philippines, there are only a number of people in Chocolate making and molding business.

You could take a look at the different chocolate products of different shapes and sizes:

chocolate balls

Chocolate keys and utensils

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source: chocoholic

Beauty Salon Services

If you want to put up a beauty salon, do you know what would you offer to your clients and customer?

Here are some tips on what beauty salon offer to their clients:

1. Haircut

2. Hair treatments

source: be younique

3. Make-up service usually when there's a special occasion like wedding, debut, shows and etc.

source: adb 88

more make-ups:

4. Manicure


5. Pedicure

source: end duchene

6. footspa

photo: gumtree

7. brow threading

photo: candy

Beauty Salon Business in the Philippines

Here are some of the lists of Beauty salon in the Philippines:

1. Studio Fix Salon by Allan Carbonell

2. Toni and Guy

photo: modsalon