My childhood business...

Eversince my childhood days I am already a business minded. I would enjoy selling different kind of stuffs to my classmates. From bracelets, yema, pastillas, scoongie (ponytail ribbons), to bra and panties. I usually made them myself (except for the bra and panties).

I remember when I was in grade 2, my classmates would flock into my place asking for pastillas. They really love my pastillas and they are fascinated because I know how to make one. One of my rich classmates would even buy all my pastillas to share with her family. Everyday she would buy worth P100.00 of pastillas which is really a lot during that time. Even Aling Susan, our neighbor who sell snacks in our neighborhood would envy me because of the success of my mini business. She would tell me that she cannot earn that in one day.

I also tried selling my old things especially my clothes and bags to my playmates and neighbors. We called it "garage sale" or ukay ukay. It was such a big hit because the price is very cheap.

But there were also a downside on my business. When I was in Grade 5, I started selling bra and panties to my classmates and teachers. My Godmother is the one who supplied me this because she had a factory of this. At first I thought I really hit it big because the bra and panties were selling like hotcakes. Mostly my teachers were my number 1 client. But come the payback time and nobody would pay me. My teachers keep on promising that they would pay me. But until now they haven't.

Those business ventures in the past were my precious learning experience. It taught me different things on how I would go about my business. It never stopped me on trying to venture out in a new business. My mindset eversince is that when I fail, I can always start anew.

Flower delivery in Manila..

We were successful in one of our business ventures last Valentine's Day: Delivering roses and tulips during this special occassion. Read: Only tulips and roses. We chose to make it less complicated so as to avoid those blunders that we previously committed.

I can say that our hardwork really paid off. From the time we organized the list of orders up to the time we deliver it to the recipient, we make it a point that everything flowed smoothly and stress free..

Just to make it easier for us to organize, we narrow down with just 2 types of arrangement:



It was such a hit because the price is just cheap considering that the delivery is already free anywhere in metro manila. Two (2) days before the big day, we already turned down a lot of clients because we were not able to order enough roses from our suppliers. We just estimated that we needed this much quantity. We already set a cut-off date for pre-ordered flowers. On the next Valentine's day, we will ensure that everything will flow smoothly again. We have another set of bouquet of flowers we are targeting to offer to our clients. These bouquet composed of malaysian mums, sunflower, carnation and gerberas:

If you want to order, please feel free to email me @ or you may text me at this number 09175156703. These bouquets cost only P950 and below (free delivery!)

Foodcart business, a little crowded?

There are thousands of food cart business that you can find everywhere here in Metro Manila. Just take the MRT ride or any bus / jeep terminals and you will see a lot of food cart business mushroomed in different parts of Manila. Aren't they a little crowded? actually yes..I once dreamed of owning one. I tried to research everything I could from franchising sisig, mami noodles, siomai, siopao, hotdog stand and even Mister Donut (Oh I tell you this is pretty much expensive!). But I think this is not my line of expertise and as they say this is not my niche. With my busy schedule, I don't think I can monitor my food cart business.

I tried applying a space for my foodcart business in MRT station and they gave me the contact details of a certain Zenon Sorara. He works in MRT and is the one in-charge of food cart in every MRT station. Upon talking to him, he said that there are thousands of entrepreneur who are still on queue waiting to be awarded a space in MRT. It's like he is implying to me that, please don't add to my problems, I have a lot person to deal with. And I just said to him,, "really??". Hmmmm...I just said to myself that maybe foodcart business is not for me.

If I joined their queue, maybe a will be awarded the right to operate at MRT in 2 years from now. They are a bit crowded and there are a lot of entrepreneurs who really wanted to venture out in this business..One reason for it is that it can be easily managed..

I think every business needs a lot of our effort and time especially those budding businesses.

So if you really want to pursue this business, I suggest that you think of something unique and meets the needs of the majority of the people.

Most of the times, if you are in a business that has no competitors, you will most likely succeed in that venture. Always remeber that one who has vision in the future will always suceed no matter what..

How to set-up laundry business in the Philippines..

A lot of my friends want to put up a landry business but they do not know where to start. Read on to find out what are the things that you will be needing in setting up this business:

All the business is actually investing on LOCATION. You have to strategize on where you would place your business. You can rent a small space which will serve as a pick-up point of clothes. Or you may opt to place your laundry shop near restaurants, motels, hotels, school, dormitories, apartments, condo units. You also have to target those new villages, subdivision, apartments, or condo units because you have no competition here. It's better if you are the only laundry shop in this area.

Prepare your business licenses and work permit. You will be needing the following documents:
DTI registration (if you are a sole proprietorship), mayor's permit, BIR and Insurance (optional). You may ask what are the requirements for opening a business like this.

You may attend the seminar being conducted by those who are experts on this. Actually they have tips and suggestions on how you can cut your costs, where to buy you supplies and equipments and even teach you how to make your own detergents and fabric softener. I have heard that ate etten is expert on this matter. You may visit her website on the latest seminar date:

Decide if you want a fully automated Laundromat, or a partially automated one that includes additional services such as ironing and folding. There are a lot of laundromats out there to choose from. Don't look for 2nd hand machines as their useful life is already shortened. This laundromats are the core of your business. If these machines broke down then you have to spend a lot on repairs and maintenance.

Decide if you want to buy a franchise or be independent. If this is the first time you are embarking on a laundry business and do not have time for research, you may opt to choose to purchase a franchise. They will do all the work in setting up you laundry shop and all you have to do is pay them a franchise fee and find a nice location. Then after that, it's earning time!
But if you have all the time to put a laundry business, it's high time for you to be independent. The good side of this though is that you can decide whichever you want your laundry shop to operate.

Every business should have a business plan. You have to set-up your marketing, accounting, delivery, quality control, and etc.

This is the hardest part for some people because they don't have available capital on hand. If you don't have a capital to invest on a laundry business you may choose to borrow money from a bank or you may ask your friends to join you in your business venture.

This the exciting part. You have to inform everyone that you are in the laudry business. You can put up a tarpoline, give flyers to everyone, you could have a promo on the first week of your operation, or you could have discounts on the first 20 customers. Just aim to inform everyone that you are on this business.

You have to monitor the costs that is being incurred. You have to really think of ways on how you could cut down your costs like electricity, repairs and maintenance, administrative expenses and etc..

Mingle with owners of existing Laundromats and ask problems that they encountered. Basically, you have to get advises from them. You may search other forums to know the updates on what's new on laundry shop business..